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What should a new ScrumMaster be doing?

We are coaching at a new client, helping them transition to Scrum. As a result we have a group of totally new ScrumMasters. Any new role with new responsibilities is a challenge. As an experienced ScrumMaster there are many lists of what you should be doing all day everyday. But if you’re brand new and so is you team – it’s a bit like the blind leading the blind.

Our particular challenge was that none of our new ScrumMasters could understand how this could possibly be a full time role. They have 1 team each.

The first exercise we did was to ask them to write down all the impediments they had noticed in the first 2 weeks. Anything that they thought had slowed their team down. Anything they think might become a problem. Anything they had heard others say. We gave them 5 minutes in silence to make notes and then went around having each explain.

WOW! This worked so well! They had noticed a lot of impediments and potential problems. And they were big, hairy, scary ones. Next we asked – so if your job is to ensure impediments are removed, and we look at this list … do any of you still think this is a part time role? A few chuckles and looks of surprise, the exercise helped open their minds to the scope of the role.

We didn’t want to totally overwhelm them though – so we came up with the mindmap below of what they need to do in the first few sprints. If you can think of some others – please leave a comment for us ๐Ÿ™‚
New Scrum Master Mindmap

Did you ever wish there was a path for you to follow as a Scrum Master? Something that could point you to what you need to learn and teach you how to deal with difficult situations you encounter daily with your teams and organisation. Well stop wishing, the Scrum Master Workbook is finally here!

This week by week guide will be your companion for the next 3 months, teaching you ways to deal with conflict, bugs, interruptions, meetings and many more topics.

You can download a free sample of the book here:

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