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We offer individual and team coaching. There is no typical coaching engagement as we tailor our approach based on your situation, needs and budget. If you think you or your organisation could benefit from an external perspective drop Sam an email on Here are some stories of how we have helped others.

We coached a manager based in the UK every week for 8 weeks. One-on-one coaching and mentoring helped them up skill in agile quickly. They experienced the power of focus and are now more effective and less stressed.

We facilitated a custom workshop focusing on enhancing retrospective practices for a team of seasoned Scrum Masters in South Africa. The session reignited their enthusiasm for retrospectives and introduced them to cutting-edge research on psychological safety. Each participant departed with tangible new strategies to implement in their upcoming retrospectives.

We worked with a government organisation in New Zealand to take the secrecy and stress out of the annual budgeting process. We helped their managers plan and budget for projects in a more transparent and open way and tweaked how they ran meetings and communicated with each other. The process was transformed into a pleasant and calm experience for all involved!

Agile Testing Team

A team was struggling with planning and estimating. They seemed to always underestimate the amount of work involved and the work they delivered never quite met the customer needs. We worked with the team to start asking some different questions in their planning and refinement meetings. Bringing a focus on how they would test much earlier in the process. The team realising how many assumptions that had made in the past and started focussing on exploring requirements more fully before converging on a solution.

Kanban Team

We coached a remote team, based on 4 different continents. The team was focussed on delivering features that took months of work. However their product was a new product in an emerging market, they needed to iterate much faster to help find product market fit. Over two quarters we got the team to change their thinking to be outcome focussed and to rather think of experiments and getting real feedback though user testing every week on their experiments. This helped them focus on work that made a difference to the end user, and also excited them to do this work quickly without getting distracted.

An agile coach in USA was frustrated with the lack of agile thinking in the large banking environment she was working in. As the only agile coach in the organisation she had no one to bounce ideas off. We scheduled in a monthly coaching session over the course of a year to help her rethink how she might meet the organisation where they were, and find ways to encourage them to try agile ideas that were low risk in their environment.