From Busywork to Breakthroughs 

You are a passionate agile coach, and love what you do. And there just aren’t enough hours in the day to dedicate enough time to creating that workshop to help your teams break down stories more effectively.

You’d love it, if you had the time to run an intro to agile course every month so that the new hires in your organisation didn’t keep asking you the same questions, but somehow you can never find a suitable slot for all the timezones you work with.

Do you sometimes wish you had a personal assistant that understood agile and kept up to date with new topics that could help you with some of the training and workshop preparation? Then, you could focus on the work you love – coaching your teams and organisation.

Well look no further!

Growing Agile is your agile content companion. We’ve been coaching and training teams, organisations and agile coaches for more than a decade. We’ve mastered the art of creating effective and engaging training and workshops on a range of topics. Regardless of whether it’s an in person 2 day training course for 20 people, or a remote large room planning event for 15 globally distributed teams, or a self paced online course for covering the basics of agile for each new employee – we can help.

Our goal is to help you, the agile coach, be more effective and use your time to help your organisation reach the next level of agility.


Focus on what you do best, while we handle the rest.

New Course Now Available

We have just launched our Kanban course. This course is a great starting point for anyone looking to get started with Kanban, or needing a refresher. We teach the principles with a story about a gardening company “Growing Gardens”, who are writing a book. It’s the perfect material for anyone to be able to relate to. No technology terminology what-so-ever. 

Free Scrum Training


We believe everyone should be able to learn about Scrum for free.

Whether you’re completely new to agile looking for a quick overview or you have been doing it for a while looking for a refresher on the basics – this course is for YOU.


Watch now!

We’re bringing the Agile Mastery Institute to Africa!

The Agile Mastery Institute was founded by Geoff Watts to help Scrum Masters take their level of mastery from ‘Good to Great’. We are privilidged to be able to bring this offering to Africa as an official Pathway Guide. Find out more details about when and where here.


Our books are easy to read practical guides on a range of agile topics.


Our online courses allow you to learn at your own pace, and on your own schedule.


We have given talks and workshops at many conferences and local meetup groups.

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What people say

Kevin has a magical way of bringing theory to practice with our teams. He has helped our leadership understand what culture shifts we need to embrace and lead. Thank you Kevin, we would not have not achieved our successes to date without you!

Zain Modack

Head of Business Change, MFC, Old Mutual

I love your coach’s guide to agile testing! It’s SO wonderful to know other people “get” testing and what people need to know and do!
Y’all truly grok the testing mindset. I hope lots of people will take advantage of your guide!
Lisa Crispin

Co-author of Agile Testing

Sam and Karen paired to facilitate the meeting of two dozen organizers of Agile 2012. In 3 hours, they took a group with differing points of view, to learning from each other, and making decisions. Their design rocked!
Diana Larsen

Co-author of Agile Retrospectives

Karen and Sam are great and bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the training. I can highly recommend their Advanced ScrumMaster course for any agilists looking to take their abilities to the next level!
Justin Doyle

Scrum Master, Discovery Health

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