WOW! A decade ago we were inspired by Lisa Crispin and Janet Gregory on the topic of Agile Testing. To make it memorable memorable and so we came up with the Agile Testing Manifesto. We had no idea it would resonate with so many people! It’s been translated into 6 different languages that we know of, but maybe even more.

We first created it as a summary slide of our key points in a talk we gave at Agile Africa in 2013. Since then it’s been referenced numerous times, we wrote book featuring it, and the image has gone through a few versions over this decade – here is a quick stroll down memory lane.

The original testing manifesto from in 2013

The first version was nothing more than a handwritten slide!

Original Testing Manifesto

A hand drawn update to the testing manifesto in 2015

We then made it a little nicer and easier to translate…

A big thank you to our translators:

French version by Fabrice Aimetti
Dutch version by Pieter Versteijnen

Ukranian version by Victoria Slinyavchuk
Russian version by Victoria Slinyavchuk

Brazilian Portugese version by Elias Nogueira
Spanish version by  Ángel Águeda

If you know of other translations, please let us know in the comments.

A new testing manifesto for 2023

After 10 years is there anything we would change? No. Well actually we made one very small wording change, but it was mostly to make it fit better into an image. Can you find it? Let us know in the comments!

Everything is still valid, and on most teams, sadly still missing. So, we have revamped the design with some help from Talia (@SketchingMaster). You can download a PDF of this new poster using the form at the bottom of the page. Let’s hope we see more teams embracing this manifesto in the next decade!

The agile Testing Manifesto

A Ready to Use Workshop!

To celebrate the 10 year anniversary and of spreading the agile testing mindset – we packaged together a 90 minute workshop for you to run with your teams. This is the first workshop in our new Ready to Use workshop series. We hope this series will be as successful and useful to coaches as our Coach’s Guide book series. The Ready to Use Workshop is designed for remote facilitation, and comes with a full facilitation guide, a mural board template and a great new experiential online game “Testing Tetris” to let your teams experience the difference between testing at the end and testing early and often!

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