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The Scrum Police Game

As part of our latest talk at SUGSA we decide to invent a game. The cards and rules are available here so you can download everything and play yourself. The game is intended to help Scrum Masters see how they can move from being enforcers of Scrum to servant leaders.

  • The game consists of scenario cards and skill cards.
  • It is best played with 4 to 8 people.
  • Place the skill cards around the table so that you can see all the cards
  • Place the scenario cards in the middle of the table in a pile


How to play:

(1) Pick the top scenario card, and ask if anyone has an example they can share of when they were the Scrum Police for the scenario on the card. For example: If the card is “Daily Scrum”, someone might share how they used to time their standups and not allow anyone to speak after the 15 minute timer went off.

If no one can come up with a Scrum Police story, turn the card over for our example story.

(2) Now look at all the servant leader skill cards on the table and decide which of these you could apply in this scenario to have a better result. Try to find multiple approaches for each scenario. Various people at the table can do this.

(3) Now pick another scenario and repeat.

Note: the scenario cards should be folded in half after printing so that the example is on the back of the card.

[button color=”green” link=”” type=”big”] Download the ENGLISH game[/button]


Thank you very much to Ángel Águeda Barrero for translating this game into Spanish!

[button color=”green” link=”” type=”big”] Download the SPANISH game[/button]


Thank you very much to Frederic Vandaele from Trasys for translating this game into French!

[button color=”green” link=”” type=”big”] Download the FRENCH game[/button]


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