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The Growing Agile monthly retrospective

Every month we have a company retrospective for at least 90 minutes. In 3 years it has proven to be of huge value. Every month we get on the same page with our values, what we are doing, what we want to do, and how we are going to focus on one thing.

We are two people who pair work for about 95% of our time. We are always together and talk everyday. Despite that this meeting has become our treasure chest. We look forward to it. It energises us. Personally I can’t see how people don’t get value from Retrospectives. OK – perhaps they are poorly run, hopefully us blogging plans will help with that. If you have never experienced one, try this one. You can even do it alone, by yourself.

Here is this months retrospective plan:


2 thoughts on “The Growing Agile monthly retrospective”

  1. Hi Samantha,
    thanks for the post and very big thanks for your blog and also your eBooks. We’re learning a lot from it 🙂
    Just two questions regarding the gather data technique: What do you mean with “CAPT.”? And what do the both blue- and red-colored boxes with “-ve”/”+ve” mean? I guess the technique is some form of a team radar.

    1. Hi Sebastian
      CAPT is the name of the activity it stands for Confident, Apprehensive, People, Technology – the names of the axes. The idea is to think about different things that happened in the past month and then place them in the appropriate place on the grid.

      The blue box was meant to indicate we would use blue sticky notes for positive items, and red sticky notes for negative items. However we soon realised this was unnecessary since usually the items we were apprehensive about were negative, and the items we were confident about were positive, so in the end we didn’t use the colours.

      Hope this helps, and thanks for letting us know about the error with comments 🙂

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