Last week Karen and I attended a conference called Flourish. Its not in the agile space but rather in the Organisational Development space. It was interesting to attend and hear some different thoughts, and they are all super interested in Adaptive Organisations, most of which come from Agile beginnings.

One of the talks was by Lysha Albright and via video, Stefano Bini. Basically Dr. Bini implemented something at his hospital and it worked. But similar to magic – he wasn’t sure what he had done, yet he knew it could be replicated. This is where Dr. Albright assisted and figured out what the steps were. The result is something called The Clipboard Engagement Strategy. It’s great. Those of us doing retrospectives will be familiar with the techniques.

Below is a diagram illustrating the 6 steps and then a more detailed explanation of the steps.




Its a great technique that I am sure I will be using in future 🙂 If you use it, let us know.