Are you a Product Owner? Do you know how you are doing as a Product Owner? Which areas do you excel at? And which areas should you be spending more time learning about?

We created this assessment for a group of Product Owners who were fairly new to the role and wanting to understand what this Product Owner thing is. Its important to note that not all Product Owners are the same. Some are only customer facing, some are only development team facing. We created this list based on everything we have seen Product Owners doing. This doesn’t necessarily mean you should be doing all of this. However if you aren’t maybe consider finding out who is looking after those areas in your business.

The assessment is for you to evaluate yourself. Rate yourself in each area out of 10. The sentences next to each point describe what a 10 looks like. Now decide where to focus your growth and learning for a time period. After this time period, do the assessment again, and see what has shifted for you.

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ultimate_product_ownerTo get great results with Scrum, you don’t just need a good team you need a great Product Owner that can optimise the value the team deliver.

Our online course for Product Owners will teach you how to get the most from your team by managing and grooming your backlog effectively, learning how to prioritise, understanding your stakeholders, release planning with confidence and measuring ROI.

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