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Integral Model for Agile Coaching

We were introduced to the Integral Model in Lyssa Adkins’ Coaching Agile Teams course. It’s a quadrant model that helps you look at teams you are coaching through 4 different lenses: Mindset, Practices, Relationships and Environment.  The axes are intangible to tangible (X) and singular to collective (Y). So, environment is in the tangible and collective space, whereas mindset is in the intangible and singular space.

In each of these quadrants there are many different techniques you can use. For example, in the mindset quadrant you can use Powerful Questions to help an individual you are coaching explore their mindset and feelings about something.  Sam drew a sketch note summarizing some of the techniques you can use in each quadrant. We have resources for some of these which I’ll link to below.

The Integral model is a great reminder to look at various dimensions when coaching teams. We noticed that when we first work with teams we tend to focus on the tangible side (practices and environment). Learning about this model was a great remind to incorporate some techniques from the intangible side earlier in our coaching engagements.



Powerful Question Cards
Coach’s Guide Series, which covers the “8 minute teach” for many topics
Coaching Kata, to practice many of these techniques
A few posts on dealing with conflict

If you’d like to learn more techniques like this and practice your coaching, signup for our coaching circles starting soon.


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  1. Love it guys my teams and I are proof that transformation is possible and coaching with on the job experience are key to achieving this

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