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Improve your meetings in just 5 minutes

How often do you take 5 minutes after a meeting or training session to reflect on what happened?

After every meeting we have with a client or workshop we talk about what happened and reflect. We wonder about things that worked well and why that was. We talk about things that went badly and try to understand why. These 5-10 minutes are magical. They are where we retrospect on how we are doing as facilitators, trainers and coaches and come up with ways for us to improve.

When a session goes badly, people tend to talk about what to do better next time. But what about an average meeting or a really great one? How many people take the time to wonder why? I wonder what might happen if we all did that?

So that is my challenge to you: For one week, schedule 5-10 min in your calendar after EVERY meeting. Think about the following questions, and jot down a thought or two on how to improve that meeting next time.

1) Was the meeting valuable? Why or why not?

2) Did you pay attention all the time? Why or why not?

3) Did everyone else pay attention all the time? Why or why not?

4) Which parts felt great? Why?

5) Which parts felt awkward or odd? Why?


3 thoughts on “Improve your meetings in just 5 minutes”

  1. Can you please clarify if you use this with all the participants of the meeting or “just” yourself as the facilitator (or as co-facilitators)? I can see that both could be valuable and would love to understand how you use it.

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