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The Idea Hackathon

A week ago we held a 1 day event – The Idea Hackathon.

It all started at Agile Testing Days in Germany in December. Matt Heusser chatted to us (Karen and Sam) and we roped in Carin Eaten (a South African tester). The idea was born and we set up an experiment to see what would happen.

We wanted people from different communities and areas to mingle and muddle their ideas and come up with new amazing ones. We ended up with 20 people willing to spend the day doing this (and paying a fee to cover costs).

We had some diversity: testers, developers, agile coaches, scrum masters, business owners, entrepreneurs, managers, consultants, a receptionist and a university lecturer – not too bad for our first attempt.

We succeeded in blending many ideas. I was surprised at the awesome ideas that came up and the rich conversations. Here are a few: kickstarter for government, the work of the future, innovation, an idea action plan pattern, an idea generator game! Keep an eye on our blog for writeups on some of these topics in the near future.

Thank you very much to our sponsors: Agile Testing Days, KRS, Deloitte Digital and CSG. You helped make our experiment possible and we loved it 🙂 We were also able to afford fancy coffee (lattes & cappuccinos), popcorn snacks, cacti presents and drinks afterwards! Yay for sponsors and everyone who bought a ticket!

Thank you also to our wonderful facilitators who helped stimulate conversation: Olga, Sheetal and Jo – you did an awesome job and we hope you also had some fun.

Finally thanks to Mc Steve our MC for the day – always punny and smiling 🙂

Some more pics:


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