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How to become an agile coach

Karen and I often get asked what it takes to become an agile coach. Mostly by ScrumMasters but also by managers. Our answers vary depending on what we have noticed in the recent weeks. We decided to do a talk at the local Scrum group SUGSA on what we thought it took to become an agile coach.

Thinking about this talk we realised that we don’t have the ONE answer – we just have what we did. We managed to distill this into 4 areas: Experience, Learning and Sharing, Brand and Community.

Here are our slides:

Here are some links to further reading:


If you have specific info you think agile coaches should have – please add via comments – thanks!

1 thought on “How to become an agile coach”

  1. CA short slide, but rather enriquesedora, and I share those 4 steps to becoming an agile coach emphasizing community participation and continuous study 🙂


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