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A Coaching Experiment

This month Karen and I were lucky enough to have 2 unplanned sessions with a group of other coaches. It was so great to talk to fellow coaches about what’s working, what isn’t, to hear their war stories, get their advise, and to share our stories. We feel we benefitted greatly from these conversations, so our monthly retrospective action was to come up with 3 ideas to connect with other coaches. Here are our thoughts.



For a group of 3-5 coaches to sign up for a 2 month experiment. Each person will coach another person for an hour every 2 weeks. The coaches might be international – so you would need to figure out a time that suits you and the other coach.

You will get a personal coaching session every 2 weeks.

You will give (another) coach a personal coaching session every 2 weeks.

After 2 months (roughly 4 sessions) we will all reflect and see if this worked or not.



To have a local meetup for coaches to attend. You need to be a coach to attend. Perhaps we can borrow the Lean Coffee approach for this.



To create an online call for 3-5 coaches to attend every 2 weeks for around 90 minutes. The time will depend on the attendees – could be international. Each coach gets a turn to facilitate the group session.

We run it for 4 sessions and then reflect in the 5th how it worked.


For each of these ideas the attendees need to come prepared to give and to get. It will need to be a safe and trusted environment. There should be no money exchange happening. We give our services freely and expect the same from others.

Do any of these sound like a winner to you? Which would you be interested in? 

We would like to start these in mid January – so if you are keen – please drop us an email or leave a comment below. Let us know which idea you like the best – or if you have another idea!


2 thoughts on “A Coaching Experiment”

  1. I would like to meet you all in person but, the commute from Des Moines, Iowa would be a long one! So I would pick one of the online or phone options. Would could all jump on a Google hangout or use Skype. Look forward to connecting with you guys!

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