Scrum Master Training

ScrumMasterAre you a Scrum Master or Agile coach looking to grow your skills?

If so you’ve come to the right place. We specialise in helping people learn skills and techniques to become great Scrum Masters and coaches.

Here’s how we can help you on your journey, no matter where you are.



Email Course

This free 5 week email course is aimed specifically at new Scrum Masters, or those who would like to go back to basics for a refresher.


Continue after the email course. Print out this workbook and fill it in each week. It will guide you through critical Scrum Master topics.



Servant Leader

This online Advanced Scrum Master course will help you grow as a servant leader and a coach.

Great Team

This online course will help you as a Scrum Master understand how to get your team to great.

Facilitation Guide

This book will help you master the critical skill of facilitation and add many techniques to your toolbox.



Coaching Circles

Join a coaching circle facilitated by us, with a group of other Scrum Masters to grow your skills further.

Personal Coaching

Email us if you are interested in personal coaching sessions to focus on your goals, and achieve them.

Coach's Series

Our book series for coach’s includes everything you need to run workshops on many agile topics.