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The Coaching Manifesto – a coaching kata intentional practise

Building onto my Coaching Kata post, here is another intentional practice: The Coaching Manifesto.

I stumbled onto this via a twitter link and then a random search of who is agile in New Zealand and then browsing people sites – quite a yak shave and some great learning. 🙂 Thank you Craig Smith and Adrian Smith, its a great presentation.

The Coaching Manifesto
You can do this in pairs or by yourself.

This is the Coaching Manifesto:Agile Coach Manifesto

  1. Client success over personal gain
  2. Guiding over dictating
  3. Objectivity over subjectivity
  4. Adaption over doing-what-worked-last-time

What do each of these pairs of statements mean to you personally as a coach? Which side do you veer towards? What tends to make you go to the left side? And the right side?
How can you apply more of the left side to your coaching?