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The beauty (and shame) of growing

Yesterday was a very challenging day for Karen and myself.

We were looking at videos of ourselves that are online. They are about 3 years old. We watched them and cringed. We also blushed and giggled but mostly we were mortified. They are terrible. Our speaking style was loud and arrogant. We spoke so fast we were out of breath. We didn’t facilitate anything – rather we just ordered people around. Our instructions were not clear and we forgot to tell half of them. We didn’t debrief things well. Total FAIL 🙂




In our shocked state afterwards we were able to reflect on just how much we have grown and changed over the last 3 years. We have evolved and developed our facilitation skills, confidence levels and public speaking skills.

Its great to see our growth – even though its also painfully embarrassing 🙂

So if you think you are lacking confidence or you’re not a great facilitator or you can’t speak in front of people. Don’t panic. Be brave. You can grow and improve – we’re proof!

Here are our two videos – now you can laugh and giggle. (Please remember we’re much better now!)