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The Agile Affair – between developers and testers

We were invited to speak at SPIN last week on a topic that we are very passionate about Agile Testing. Having recently brought Janet Gregory out to South Africa to train her course Whole Team Approach to Testing and being privileged enough to attend the course our minds are overflowing with all the possibilities that teams have in this specific arena. We learned so much – I wish I had attended this course when I first became a Scrum Master – there are a bunch of things I would have done differently!

We decided to put some fun into the SPIN talk – as always! The scenario was that we are undercover agents sent to spy on agile teams and report back to our large company, ACME Corporation, what we have noticed. The whole talk was done based on the fears and concerns of ACME Corp and seeing how these agile teams mitigate them in their companies.

Here is the slide deck from the talk (though some of the fonts went weird on slideshare… )


[box]If you would like us to speak at your local community group – please drop us an email: We love growing agile in South Africa![/box]