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Sketchnoting – a free guide

Are you interested in sketchnoting? It seems more people are unleashing their inner creative, grabbing some colourful markers and doodling during meetings. Personally I’m super happy about this. I am a visual learner, so pictures help me learn so much more than words do.

We ran a public workshop a few months ago to teach people how to sketchnote and it was a huge success! Now we are thinking of running a virtual workshop. If you are keen to attend, please add your email below and we’ll notify you when it happens.

We created a sketchnoting booklet that people could keep on them. It reminds you of various things you can use in your sketchnotes. Essentially… copy and steal ideas and when you’re confident enough: improve, create and share!

Download a copy of the booklet – print it out and start using the ideas 🙂