Working with remote or distributed teams?

For many people, working remotely means dialing into meetings to listen in. If you’ve ever done this, you’ll know how ineffective it can be. It’s just not the same as being in the same office. But what if it could be better? With global companies, and flexible working arrangements, more people are experiencing working remotely and having distributed teams. We want to help you embrace the remote generation. With a few small changes, we believe remote work can be more effective and enjoyable.

We think remote is the future. We think you know it is too.

We would love to help you explore what is possible for your team.

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How to pick the best remote whiteboard tool!

Do you need to select a remote whiteboard tool? Here is our comparison of the two most popular options: Miro and Mural.

The Unmute Conference

I recently attended the Unmute conference, hosted by the Remote Coaches. It was really wonderful being able to connect with people from around the world, to share experiences and discuss remote working.

Lean Coffee Connection

I've been enjoying Lean Coffee's so much more since it switched to a virtual format. I get to connect with people around the world, not just my city. I can join in minutes, rather than driving an hour (or more) in traffic. I'm always on time or early, rather than...

Effective Retrospectives in the Age of Coronavirus

Agile retrospective experts David Horowitz, Diana Larsen, Esther Derby, Molood Ceccarelli, Paul Tevis, Jay-Allen Morris, and Kirsten Clacey gathered to share their insights on how to achieve effective retros amidst a sudden shift to remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic

Remote Facilitation Workshop

With most of the world in lock down, most events have become virtual. I was fortunate to join Women in Agile Singapore for a Remote facilitation Workshop with Dana Pylayeva & Kriti Jaising

Remote Agile Teams

We find more and more people today are working remotely as companies become global and people are prioritising flexibility. So we thought we'd find out a bit more about this. We've had remote meetings which were painful, and we've also had ones that were hugely...

Top Tips For Distributed Meetings

We regular talk on how to improve your distributed meetings. This video covers our top tips.   Tip 1: Use Good Tech Tech is changing all the time, and mostly, it's getting better. Be sure to investigate...

Remote Team Survey

We are interested in learning more about teams that work remotely or distributed teams. What does that mean? In simple terms it means that at least 1 person on your team is not co-located. This could be something that always happens, or something that only happens...

Remote Work – Hardware?

Here’s the hardware we use currently use. As with tools - this changes overtime... what do you use? Speakerphone: Perfect for conference calls which we both attend from the same location, but with remote clients. Works both as a USB speakerphone for your computer and...

Remote Work – What tools do you use?

Here are our favorite tools that make remote work better... We have used all of these at some point. Sometimes we move on, others have stuck around. What works for you and your team? World Clock and WorldTimeBuddy Slack Trello Zoom Google Hangout Skype Boardthing...

Remote Team Survey

Do you work with a remote or distributed team? Even if just 1 person sometimes works from home? Please take our survey, no more than 5 minutes needed. Results will be published as a blog post.

I would definitely recommend Growing Agile’s coaching calls to anyone. They are convenient and great value for money.

Tania Oliver

Scrum Master, Clickatell