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Remote Work – Hardware?

Here’s the hardware we use currently use. As with tools – this changes overtime… what do you use?

Speakerphone: Perfect for conference calls which we both attend from the same location, but with remote clients. Works both as a USB speakerphone for your computer and a bluetooth speakerphone for our cell phones. Much clearer than the built in speakerphone on my iphone. We’d highly recommend this as a really cost effective good quality speakerphone. We use:

USB Headsets: These work great if we are apart and need to dial into a meeting, or only one of us is on a call. They are better than using the built in mic and speaker of our macbooks because typing noise isn’t picked up. You can go much higher end on headsets, but these work well enough for us. They don’t work if we are in the same room and on the same call though. Still looking for a headset solution for that (which is affordable). We use:

Microphone for video recordings: We use this if we record video with sound for online courses, or something similar which people will watch asynchronously. It is great at filtering out background noise like cars driving past etc. Again a great product for it’s price range. We use:

IPad Pro: We use our ipad pro to do remote sketch-noting and also as a better whiteboard tool via screen sharing. It doesn’t allow others to draw on it – but the handwriting is so clear and easy to read that everyone can easily follow.