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Remote Agile Teams

We find more and more people today are working remotely as companies become global and people are prioritising flexibility. So we thought we’d find out a bit more about this. We’ve had remote meetings which were painful, and we’ve also had ones that were hugely successful, enjoyable and engaging! We were interested to hear what others are doing: how and why they work remotely. So we ran a survey to get a better understanding of how people were doing agile remotely across the world. If you haven’t yet filled it in, please do so, we might update the report in the future if we get more data.

If you’ve never experienced a remote meeting that works feel free to join our Virtual Lean Coffee meetup to see how we run Lean Coffee with people from around the world. Or get in touch via email and we will facilitate a remote workshop with your team for free.

We use ‘remote’ and ‘distributed’ to mean at least one member of your team is not sitting within 6 m of all other members. Here is an infographic of the survey results, or you can access it here: