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Portfolio Kanban

It’s not often that you watch a recorded talk and think WOW! Last week this happened to me and I found myself retweeting and forwarding the talk via email to a bunch of people. I guess that makes it blog worthy material!

This is a talk by Sandy Mamoli at Agile Australia 2014. It explains how Trade Me (a HUGE company in New Zealand) is using Portfolio Kanban to reduce WIP by prioritizing projects, focusing on the important ones rather than urgent ones.

Sandy does a great job in telling the story of what happened at Trade Me. The best part for me is that it shows how this process doesn’t magically happen over night – but rather over a period of months and evolves over that time. I think its also important to note that this change required an agile coach onsite (Sandy) for a long period as well as a dedicated internal evangelist (David). If you want to transform your organisation – take some lessons from this story.