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Office Exercise Roulette

This week we instituted Office Exercise Roulette 😀 Look for the hashtag #officeExerciseRoulette on twitter.

Karen and I both wear a Fitbit Alta, which means every hour at xx:50 our fitbits buzz telling us to move if we haven’t done 250 steps in the last hour. We decided that if we are in the office when they buzz, we will do a minute of exercise. We created about 50 cards with different exercises and placed them in a box. This way we select the exercise anonymously. Some require going outside, which if raining means we’ll draw another.

We also realised this drains the battery of the Alta quite quickly. So I’ve installed an app on my macbook called Stand. Its free, and I’ve set it up to notify me at xx:50 between 9am and 4pm.



Today we have done air punches and inch worms 🙂 It’s fun, it gets us moving, it’s healthy!

Use the hashtag #officeExerciseRoulette on twitter and share what exercise you do 🙂