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As a scrum master I often find myself paging through books and scrounging the web for techniques and ways to inject some energy into various meetings. I’ve often wished for a way to just mix and match these, and be able to quickly identify what kind of prep I need for a technique.

Yes the web has almost everything I need – but browsing through all those millions of pages takes time – which I dont always have in abundance! So we at Growing Agile came up with the idea of flashcards. This way we can have all our favorite techniques on a small piece of cardboard and carry it with us. We decided on two themes: Facilitation techniques and Empirical Experience techniques (or games to those more playful).

Here is a sample of what a Empirical Experience card looks like – it is printed on an A6 piece of laminated card.

We have put together around 40 of these flashcards and will be posting them as blog posts in the future. We are also thinking of making them available for downloading and being in an easy to print format.

UPDATE: We have compiled these cards into a FREE ebook called Collaboration Games which is available on Leanpub – get your copy now!