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Finally – some news!

After a long break from blogging I’ve decided its time to get back into it 🙂

A lot has happened. So let me use this blog post to bring you up to speed…

Sam joined a tiny startup called SprintHive in Cape Town for 6 months. Here she had a lot of fun, exploring and experimenting with company culture – many posts on this too follow.

Karen did around 5 months of consulting to various customers.

During these months both of us were also actively looking at moving from South Africa to New Zealand. We have both ended up in Auckland, New Zealand working at different companies, but right across the park from each other!

Sam is working as an Agile Coach / Consultant at Datacom. And Karen is a Product Manger at TradeMe. (We will both still be contactable with our email addresses.)

Moving countries is no small feat. And setting up a new life in another country is ALOT of work! It is also very exciting, and a learning curve.

Now that you’re all caught up … I’ll start planning some more interesting posts for the near future!