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Documentation at #AgileTD

A talk from Agile Testing Days called Pimp my Scrum – Documentation fun for agile teams.

This talk was by Andreas Falk and Anis Ben Hamiden. The first part of the talk was interesting, talking about what makes documentation cumbersome and boring and what we can do to make it more relevant.

Some tips were:

  • Use the same language (business language that is)
  • Use the same syntax
  • Have a glossary
  • Make it accessible and centralised
  • Make it easy to update and part of your Definition of Done
  • Try BDD
  • Don’t use it instead of face to face communication.


Unfortunately the second part was about their tool to use for documentation. I’m not a fan of talks that show you how to use a tool. I switched off for the second part of the talk and instead thought to myself: “How do people document today?”.

In our everyday lives we tweet, share photo’s on Facebook and Instagram, and blog. What if we did documentation at work in this same way? Easily searchable with google, quick to access, easy to use, and developed for sharing. What if it was kept in the same place as code and checked in and versioned with the product? Maybe we need a blog and social media platform linked to Git and great search functionality…