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Coaching Tools

Recently we attended the SUGSA Coaching Day where we presented a session on Coaching Tools. In preparation for this we did a silent brainstorm. When we say ‘tools’ we mean anything that can help you be a better coach. We quickly came up with 33 tools that we think help us be better coaches. We ran the session as an informal sit in a circle and pick a card, then we explained the card and for topics some ran a quick activity for participants to practice. There were some great conversations and debates – thank you everyone!

You can download these cards below. Perhaps print them out, and write your thoughts for each topic on the paper. Some of them are vague – so feel free to leave a comment for us to explain. If you are a coach – please let us know if there are any you would add.

Some tweets from the event:

“1 thing is a potential option, 2 is a dilemma, 3 is a choice – use powerful questions to open up choices”

“People vs. Objects – If you are going to coach people, you have to give trust continuously, over and over again”

“Work on yourself until you can see that ‘Problem’ person in your team as a person, because that person knows how you see them”

“”What’s the behavior you are modeling to your team?” If you want ppl to admit their mistakes,start admitting yours.”

“Being right versus the best outcome”

“Let’s stop talking about whether we’re Agile or not and start talking about what’s working and what’s not.”


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