Are you an aspiring Agile Coach?


If so you are in the right place. We love supporting people on their journey to become powerful and confident agile coaches. We believe the world needs more people doing this work. Coaching circles are a great way to help you grow your skills are firmly establish yourself as the agile coach you would like to be.


Are you ready to become the agile coach we know you can be?

About Coaching Circles

Most agile coaches or experienced Scrum Masters will tell you that some of their most intensive learning and growth has come from coaching. Coaching circles provide a powerful group learning environment that will help you reflect and take your coaching to the next level.

They are perfect for you if:

  • You want to focus on improving your coaching skills
  • You want to help people without dictating what and how they should do something
  • You would like for crucial conversations to be easier to have
  • You would like to be able to influence outside of your team in the larger organisation
  • You feel confident as a Scrum Master and now would like to be confident as an agile coach

Who is it for?

You are Scrum Master who is great at what you do, and really working well with your teams. You have learnt a lot as a Scrum Master and are now ready for the support to become an agile coach. You want to be able to take teams and yourself to the next level of your agile journey.

How does it work

A coaching circle has up to 6 participants and Kevin and Yogini as your facilitators. We have a 90-minute call, every two weeks, over a 3 month period, for a total of 6 calls.

Each call includes a specific learning topic, a chance to practice your coaching, and group conversations. Depending on the topic we may also provide some prework for each call that should take you no longer than 1 hour to complete.

You can attend the coaching circle from any location or timezone.

What do I need?

The calls are run using Zoom, which you can access from a computer or a phone. We recommend you make use of a headset and microphone for the best sound quality. Although video is a nice bonus it is not required if you don’t have the hardware or bandwidth to support it.

We may make use of other online tools during the call, so you need to have access to the internet during the calls. We suggest you join the calls from a quiet space like a meeting room, or home office, where you are able to speak freely and not get distracted.

The knowledge that I took away from the experience proved to be so valuable. Coaching circles give you the opportunity to explore and share your experiences and also to know that the decisions you make will be guided by two very effective and knowledgeable coaches.
Claudette Moore

Scrum Master, Safari Now

Duration: 3 months

Time:  90 minutes every two weeks

Cost: ZAR 7000 ex.VAT or USD 550

Includes vouchers for any 2 of our online courses!


If you are interested in joining our coaching circles, we’d like to have a coaching call with you to understand where you are in your agile journey and if the circle would be a good fit for you.