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Book Review: Product Mastery

We were excited to get our hands on a copy of Geoff Watts’ latest book: Product Mastery. We loved how his previous book, Scrum Mastery, included stories of real Scrum Masters and some of the challenges they face.

Geoff’s new book for Product Owners similarly looks at important characteristics of Great Product Owners: Decisive, Ruthless, Informed, Versatile, Empowering and Negotiable. Each chapter starts with a story of a challenge a Product Owner faced. Geoff then goes on to discuss what a product owner could do in a similar situation. He includes loads of references to other books and articles, as well as many great tools. Each chapter goes in depth to cover many different options and solutions as well as all the things that might go wrong.

Two pages in, I already wanted to send a copy to some of the Product Owners I know who struggle with these exact things. I think this would be a great resource for many people who find themselves themselves in the Product Owner role, without any clear idea of what they need to do and especially how they might achieve that. If you are feeling overwhelmed as a Product Owner, don’t despair. Geoff’s book is now available on kindle, so you could download it today, and have many of options for what you could do in your situation.