Updated post with dates and price!

As a coach and Scrum Master one thing that always bothered me was the ‘need’ to be certified to show that you are capable of doing the job. This especially irked me because the Scrum Master Certification is so simple to get and having a certification didn’t prove you were actually capable of doing the job well at all.

The whole certification model needed a shake up, and I’m glad that the Agile Mastery Institute is aiming to do just that!

Geoff Watts heads up the AMI based in the UK and is trying to help Scrum Masters (and other Scrum roles) be better at what they do. The Scrum Mastery Pathway is a fantastic approach to help you as a Scrum Master go from being Good to Great. This Pathway is based on the RE-TRAINED model in Geoff’s famous book Scrum Mastery.

The Scrum Mastery Pathway is a structured support system that guides students through the application of theory to their real-world challenges over time. Unlike other Scrum Master certifications, the Scrum Mastery Pathway nurtures Scrum Masters into great agile professionals who guide real transformation.

It starts with 2 days ‘Explorer Workshop’. At the workshop the attendees form a ‘Navigator Cohort’ which going forwards meets regularly and has facilitated coaching from the Pathway Guide. the Scrum Mastery Pathway is closed off 6 months later with another 2 day session, the ‘Adventurer Workshop’. At the end of each step, the attendees receive badges so they can show off their progress.

The good news to all our followers is that I, Kevin Pedersen, has been accepted as a licensed Scrum Mastery Pathway Guide and will be bringing this awesome experience to South Africa this year! The Explorer Workshops will be held on 7-8th March in Johannesburg and 28-29th March in Cape Town. The Navigator Cohorts will meet remotely, and then towards the end of the year we will have the Adventurer Workshop in person at the same venues as the Explorer Workshops.

If you would like to be part of this first offering in South Africa then please reach out to us. We will have a limited number of seats (15 per cohort) so get your tickets before they sell out! The cost for the 4 days of workshops and 15 hours of coaching is only R25k per person. If you are purchasing off your own personal budget and not through a company, reach out and we can talk about flexible payment options.

If you are reading this from other areas of Africa, and think there is enough interest to set up a Scrum Mastery Pathway near you, then also feel free to reach out and we can talk about the options.

Here’s to a new adventure!