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Agile Cymru 2015

For those of you who don’t know I’m half Welsh and half Afrikaans. I speak Afrikaans fluently but my primary language is English. As for Welsh – a couple of words and I can count to 10 🙂

Agile Cymru

Recently I saw that Wales is having its very own Agile conference: Agile Cymru 2015. I guess having some Welsh blood in me makes me want to attend this conference, but since I can’t, I’ve decided to help promote it to others instead.

So … if you’re keen to spread your knowledge (war stories of agile gone right or wrong) then submit a proposal. If you’re in the UK or anywhere in Europe, then book your seat now.

I really envy those of you able to hop onto a cheap plane flight for a couple of hours to enjoy agile conferences. For us in South Africa, its a minimum 12 hour flight to London to connect to most other places in the world 🙁 Don’t pity me though – I do live in a beautiful city and enjoy awesome weather!