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Agile Aus – Robot Ethics

Robot Ethics and the Future of Human-Robot Interaction
Kate Darling

Kate’s talk at Agile Australia was an interesting one, and although not about agile, she raised some things about robot ethics that I had never really even considered before. Like: is it okay for a cute robot to tell your kids they should buy certain products, and what might happen if robots become a replacement for humans in caring for children or the elderly.

It was especially interesting how easily people form connections and humanise robots just because of things like eyes and names, and yet on the other hand it is so easy for us to hate other people who are just a bit different from us.

Kate assured us that robot domination is a long way off, and shared a great video of 2 robot’s trying to kick a ball. She’s right, the terminator is not yet a reality 😉 (Or maybe that video was just to make us feel safe …)

Here are Sam’s sketchnotes from the talk.