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Agile Aus – Coaching Nightmares

Coaching Nightmares: insights we can learn from Gordon Ramsay
Renee Troughton
Craig Smith

As a huge fan of Gordon Ramsay’s cooking show Kitchen Nightmares I just HAD to attend this talk at Agile Australia. Renee and Craig did a great job of making it relevant to agile coaching too. First they presented the model that Gordon follows in each episode and then related this to common coaching techniques and tools. The most interesting insight for me what how unsustainable Gordon’s coaching is. Many of the restaurants he visits regress and end up closing after a few months or years. He only spends a week there to transform a restaurant. This is worth reflecting on as an agile coach: just how long does an engagement need to be for real change to occur?

This talk also included my favourite slide from the conference 🙂


Here are Sam’s sketchnotes from the talk.