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Agile Africa – Unlocking ScrumMastery

Biase De Gregorio gave this talk at Agile Africa about building a Scrum Master academy for a client, along with Agile 42 and Just Plain Agile. Growing Agile is also working closely with all these other coaches at this large client, and were involved in the initial coaching collective.

He shared how they structured the program as well as what their challenges are now when looking to scale this model and hopefully make it available outside of this one client.

Unlocking ScrumMastery

Did you ever wish there was a path for you to follow as a Scrum Master? Something that could point you to what you need to learn and teach you how to deal with difficult situations you encounter daily with your teams and organisation. Well stop wishing, the Scrum Master Workbook is finally here!

This week by week guide will be your companion for the next 3 months, teaching you ways to deal with conflict, bugs, interruptions, meetings and many more topics.

You can download a free sample of the book here: