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Love in the time of Corona, part II

We have decided to take this pandemic and time of uncertainty to learn, our work has slowed down and we want to come out of this period better than before. Growing Agile wants to share in the spirit of the #LoveInTheTimeOfCorona so we have dropped the price of our online courses from $100 to $30, the Scrum Basics course remains free. You will be able to learn at your own pace, when ever you want to.

We’ve also launched the coaching arm of Growing Agile, you can find out more here.

Next Wednesday, we’re hosting a virtual Lean Coffee, email me to join the conversation.

The Agile Community has offered so much to help us through this time of uncertainty. Every company that was part of the South African Agile panel I mentioned in our post last week has something to offer:

SUGSA meetups are now virtual. Now you can join in on both the Cape Town and Johannesburg meetups without leaving the comfort of your home. You can also connect with the community on Slack

Just Plain Agile has started public office hours, where you can join Antoinette Coetzee in her virtual office daily between 12:30 and 14:00. I joined her today for a lovely chat and got to meet her colleagues and friends.

Think Agile has monthly meetups which are now virtual. I went to the last one in person and it was great.

The Agility team at IQ Business has launched a free 1-hour Agile coaching / consulting services to anyone who is currently facing challenges in adopting Agile ways of working and requiring support and advice. Email to register and find out more.

Agile 42 hosted a virtual event for World Retrospective Day (together with Think Agile) and several other webinars recently. Follow them for more.

There are so many companies and individuals offering to help us through this uncertainty. Follow them, get in touch and spread the #LoveInTheTimeOfCorona