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Do you want to take your Agile adoption to the next level?

This book features a collection of workshops to help you unlock a software team’s full potential and unleash value for your customer. For coaches, developers, leaders, product owners and Scrum masters:

  • Identify the current stage of your journey.

  • Value what you’ve already achieved.

  • Take it to the next level.

  • Create the results that your customers need and that your teams love to deliver.

When you understand how teams develop, you can help them master the skills and practices that fit your organisation best—because one-size Agile never did fit all.  This book will help you check your current Agile roadmap and plan the rest of your journey. These workshops will help you coach best-fit Agile, and unleash the value you need for your product and your customers.

We’ve observed that Agile teams develop through four distinct stages of fluency. Fluency is how a team develops software when it’s under pressure. Anyone can follow a set of practices when given time to focus in a classroom; true fluency is a skillful, routine practice that persists when your mind is distracted with other things.

— James Shore and Diana Larsen

These workshops will show you how to use the Agile Fluency™ Model with the organisations you coach. Help your teams master the skills and practices they need for each stage of their journey.

About the author:

I want you to create the kind of Agile transformation that works. Your transformation must fit your needs and deliver lasting results. I coach software teams, and the Agile Fluency Model helps me find the value in every team I coach. Instead of asking if an organization is Agile or not, I ask “How can I help this organisation realize the benefits they need?” The question about benefits, leads to a conversation about investments. The conversation about investments leads to a strategy for developing fluent teams.

The model inspires me. I use it to inspire teams to do something better. Too many people say “We’ve tried Agile, and it just didn’t work”.  I know Agile works, and I know the model works to coach best-fit Agile teams. I want to show you how make Agile work for your teams.

The Agile Fluency Model is a trademark of James Shore and Diana Larsen.

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