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Really understand agile requirements

Agile Requirements in 3 simple steps…

1. Prepare

Get the workshop guide and be fully prepared in minutes, instead of hours!

2. Facilitate

Then, run the workshop with your team, teaching them a great technique.

3. Improve

Finally, watch your team improve and help them celebrate!

What’s included in the Agile Requirements Workshop Guide?

  • Full facilitation guide for the workshop with step by step instructions and teaching points
  • Preparation checklist to use before the workshop, to ensure you are ready to run the workshop
  • Beautiful Mural and Miro board designed specifically for the workshop
  • Email templates to send to participants before and after the workshop
  • A technique to explore requirements, scope and testing in an inclusive way
  • An Agile Requirements cheat sheet to take into future meetings and help remind you of the lessons learned

90 minutes

4 – 12 people

Agile Requirements Exploration

Plus these great bonuses…

Tips to scale the workshop

Instructions for in person workshop

Suggestions for a 60 minute session

Ideas for followup workshops

Is agile requirements workshop right for my team?

New to Agile? 

Yes, if you are new to agile or not yet following an agile approach, this will help you explore your requirements more fully.

External Business Analysts? 

Yes, if your BAs aren’t part of you team, you can still talk and explore requirements with them. Tip: it might help simplify the huge requirements documents!

Non software team? 

Yes, no matter what your team is doing, talking through it and exploring various angles together helps everyone understand better and figure out better ways of working.

Already Doing Scrum? 

Yes, if your team is already doing Scrum, this workshop will inspire them with ideas to improve their refinement sessions.

Still not sure?