Agile Workshops

WT_BuildingGreatProductsFor teams and organisations that have been practicing Agile for a while, we offer workshops targeted at specific areas. They are 4 hours in duration and include teaching theory around a new concept and then hands on work, applying this theory to your environment immediately.

We can run these workshops onsite for up to 20 people or remotely for a team of up to 8 people. We are also able to design a custom workshop on nearly any agile topic for you.

Agile Testing

If testing is always running behind, you have more bugs than finished features, and automation never gets started this workshop is for you. Uncover a new agile testing mindset! We include the whole team, not just the testers and look at changing the way you approach testing completely.

Self Organisation

Self organisation is a big agile buzzword, yet feel people understand what it really means, and how to support it in their work environment. We will use some games to demonstrate self-organisation principles, and then get down to the details of what this means for your team. We will look at how to make boundaries and agreements explicit to improve trust in your team.

User Story Mapping

We will explain what a User Story Map is, why it is useful and how it can be used. We will then create a Story Map with you for your next release. We will then use the Story Map to identify a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), features that need more discussion, and where decisions need to be made.

Agile Requirements

Still writing long specification documents upfront, and having teams deliver the wrong thing? In our agile requirements workshop we look at how to best communicate requirements to teams, and get shared understanding of what is needed. We’ll teach you what a user story is and most importantly what it is NOT.


Struggling to estimate or decide between hours and story points? Planning poker taking too long? We run a simulation to experience 4 different estimation techniques, and let the team decide what they prefer. We then get to work estimating items on your backlog. We also show you how to do release planning with this information.

Release Planning

Need to give a date for an agile project? In this workshop we will look at how agile release planning differs from traditional plans. We cover: How to deal with change in a release plan, get team estimates, and use velocity to create a plan. We also cover using estimates as constraints and how to use a Release Burnup chart to track progress.


Sick of wasting lots of time in unproductive meetings? Our facilitation workshop can help! We cover what facilitation is, the role of a facilitator, techniques to help, what to do and what to not do. The entire session is taught using facilitation techniques you can use afterwards. Guaranteed to improve all future meetings!


There is more to Kanban than a whiteboard with sticky notes. In this workshop we cover the basics of Kanban: Visualising your work, limiting WIP and helping work to flow. We help you create your board with swim lanes and capacity allocation. We also help you craft meaningful metrics, and run your first Kanban style standup.


UX techniques

This workshop looks at what are UX techniques and why are they important. We run a lego simulation to illustrate some key pain points. We explain how and where UX fits into Scrum, and share techniques the whole team can start to use immediately.

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The workshops with Growing Agile not only enhanced our teams efficiency and effectiveness, but also reinvigorated them, and empowered them to own their ability to succeed. Every single team member found the workshop valuable, believe they can actually apply their learnings to their day-to-day activities, and would recommend the workshop to other teams.

Regardt Olivier

ScrumMaster, ACI

The Agile Requirements workshop offered by Growing Agile is a breakthrough programme for teams who may be struggling to realise value from their Scrum implementation. Packed full of insight and from-the-trenches techniques, the Agile Requirements workshop is a must-do for anyone looking to go beyond the ordinary with their team and deliver maximum value to their clients.

Sven Agnew

Developer, Unboxed Consulting