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Surveys tell us that agile is the new norm. We feel few teams really unlock the power agile can bring. If you are one of those teams that know agile can deliver astounding results, and you’d like some help to make that a reality, we’d love to work with you.


Want to see what you are capable of?

About Team Coaching

Each agile team has their own challenges and context. Often a technique that sounds great on paper and works well for another team, doesn’t work in your environment. This is why coaching is so much more effective than training. Instead of us teaching you what agile and Scrum are, we will work with you to uncover what is preventing your best work, and help you craft concrete actions to eliminate impediments, and optimise your process.

How does it work?

We usually work with teams in short sessions of 2 to 4 hours, where we focus on a particular area or challenge, identify possible solutions or approaches to try, and craft an experiment to improve this area immediately.

We can run sessions weekly for teams with an appetite for significant and fast paced change, or monthly for teams looking to embed changes before they move on to new areas.

We expect you to commit as a team to owning your own process and we will hold you accountable to trying the experiments we craft together.

What results will you see?

Here are some of the results teams we have coached have achieved:

  • Delivering a high quality release on time without any overtime
  • Repeatedly meeting their sprint commitments
  • Delighting clients by the team’s responsiveness and enthusiasm for assisting users
  • Improving their Daily Scrum meetings, and team ownership and accountability
  • Reducing their test bottleneck by adopting agile testing approaches
  • Improved team morale and energy levels

Your Investment?

Our coaching is not for everyone. We require courage and commitment.

You can expect to pay between R50,000 and R250,000. But this opportunity will cost you more than money. Your team must be ready and willing to invest energy, time and commitment to transforming. You must be open to questioning everything about the way you work.

Our team were having serious problems and not delivering a single sprint on target.  We have received internal training and read all the literature we could find, but could not figure out what we were doing wrong. We thought we were following scrum to the letter and were obviously misinterpreting something.

In a single full day session Growing Agile helped us sort out all our issues. We hit the next 5 sprint’s targets in a row. I highly recommend Growing Agile.

Dirk Le Roux

Software Development Manager, Amazon AWS

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If this sounds right for your team, email us. We will setup a powerful coaching session for your team to experience how we can work together.