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This is a course for those who learn best by doing, prefer pictures to words, and stories to theory.

Although the course does include words and theory, we’ve tried to keep it simple.

Join us as we follow the journey of a company called Growing Gardens, as they embark on a project to write a gardening book using Kanban. We will see how their board evolves as they embrace the principles of Kanban, and encounter problems along the way.

We’ll give you just enough theory to understand how and why the principles work, and then a checklist to help you start your own board. Kanban works for any industry and team, after all we used Kanban to create this course!


From the Basics to the Finer Details

100% Virtual

Take the course from anywhere in the world, at the time that suits you best.

Stories, examples and practical steps

We will take you on a journey and help you implement each of the principles.

Exercises & Quizzes

Each chapter has exercises and a quiz to help you cement the learnings.

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New to Kanban? This course is a perfect starting point if your team is just starting out and have never heard of Kanban before, we will guide you step by step.

Using Kanban? If you have already been doing Kanban for years, we are certain you will still find tips and improvements to the way your team is working.

Doing Scrum? If your team currently does Scrum, the course could still provide some benefit, especially if your team struggles to finish your sprint work regularly. 

Don’t have a team? This course is focussed on team Kanban boards. You can still learn the principles of Kanban, but you might not be able to apply the learnings immediately. We do cover Personal Kanban at the end of the course, which is better suited to individuals.

If you aren’t sure whether you need this course or not, take our team taskboard quiz below to find out!

Course Contents

Chapter 1 - Visualise Your Work

This chapter covers how to design your workflow and task board. This includes tips for physical or virtual boards, as well as tips to help track items visually on the board.

Chapter 2 - Limiting Work in Progress and Pull

Learn what 90% of Kanban boards we see in the workplace DON’T do: Enable pull! We explain why you should limit the amount of work in progress and how to do this on your board. We explain cycle time, a metric you can use to predict when work will be completed. 

Chapter 3 - Manage Flow

Learn why using a blocked column is not recommended, and how to deal with blocked items in a new way. Understand how to identify bottlenecks and how to best deal with these using buffers.

Chapter 4 - Make Policies Explicit

Understand what policies are as well as how and why you should make them explicit. We also introduces swimlanes as a way of dealing with both urgent issues, and business as usual or support items along side your project work.

Chapter 5 - Improve Collaboratively

Here you’ll learn the importance of continuous improvement and how to use retrospectives as a technique for improving collaborative. You will also see lots of examples of different types of Kanban boards to inspire you to use Kanban in a number of different areas.

Additional Resources

Learn a fun and interactive game which teaches the value of limiting work in progress, and helps people realise the unintuitive reality, that doing LEAD work will actually lead to FASTER results!

Learn about Personal Kanban so that you can apply everything you’ve learned for your team to your own personal task list.


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Adrian Dollie

What can i say?

Wow Awesome. Content – enough for different levels. Structure – easy to follow.

Anthea Daniels


I thoroughly enjoyed the layout of this course. It was informative, creative and engaging.

Angela Patrick

Excellent Course

Thanks team this was a veryinformative and timely class. Great work!

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The theory in this course is taught through an engaging story of a team using Kanban to manage their work.


Test your knowledge with exercises in each chapter. Confirm your learning by passing each quiz, and earning your certificate.


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