Agile Training Courses


Have you ever attended a two day training course, and felt super excited and inspired to try new things? Then you get back to the office, catch up on your emails and all the work you missed, and soon a month has passed and you struggle to remember what you learned on the course? We’ve all been there. That’s why our training is different.

We apply agile and lean thinking to training and ask what would it look like to provide knowledge in small regular chunks, exactly when you need it. We know you might have visited this page expecting to find a list of public in person courses. We stopped offering those because it seldom led to people actually using agile. Instead we encourage you to try an online course, and see if your learning experience changes. We have a free Scrum basics course to get you started.


Agile training that fits your schedule

For everyone – Our Latest Course

Kanban Course
Kanban – The Course

Embark on a unique learning journey as we unveil the principles of Kanban through storytelling and real-world examples that transcend the realm of IT. This course is made for anyone seeking to improve their workflow, regardless of their field.


For People New To Agile


Agile and Scrum Basics in under an hour – FREE

This course is for everyone and totally free. People completely new to agile looking for a quick overview and teams who have been doing it for a while looking for a refresher on the basics.


For Teams


The Whole Team Approach To Building Great Products

Do you want to build products that your customers love, and deliver them on time? Learn techniques to transform the way your team thinks about requirements, and deliver exceptional products.



For Scrum Masters

Advanced Scrum Master Course: Become a Servant Leader

Essential skills for Scrum Masters, agile coaches, and leaders to create effective, motivated teams. This course will show you how you can make small changes to become a servant leader and a great Scrum Master.



Advanced Scrum Master Course: Getting your Team to Great

Magnify your team’s productivity and effectiveness. Learn the tools necessary to be a great Scrum Master that unlocks the potential of your agile team.


For Product Owners

The Ultimate Product Owner

Unlock key skills of successful Product Owners to deliver value and delight customers. This course is for product owners. Not just your average product owner, but for those who want to be the best.