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We wrote our first book, Collaboration Games in 2012 as an experiment. We found out we loved it, and people found the book really useful! We’ve been writing ever since. Our books are all written as easy to read, short books that can help you with something specific. Our workbook series is a step by step guide to help you learn something as an individual. Our coach’s guide series is a collection of workshop and training materials to help you plan and deliver training and workshops on a range of topics. Some of our books have been translated to Spanish and Russian.

The Workbook Series


Also available in Spanish.

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We’ve teamed up with Geoff Watts to bring his new book, Team Mastery to South Africa.

If you have been thinking about buying Team Mastery to use with your team, this is the perfect chance to get a copy without worrying about shipping costs.

To get your copy of Team Mastery for the low price of ZAR750, email kevin@growingagile.co for details.

The Coach’s Guide Series



This book is a collection of facilitation techniques we continually use in workshops, training courses, meetings and retrospectives.

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Training Scrum

This book will help you plan and deliver interactive, fun Scrum training for anything from a short workshop on a particular topic to a full two-day course.

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Agile Requirements

This book is a collection of workshops we have developed that can be used to help improve the way you think about and communicate agile requirements.

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Release Planning

Once of the most common questions we get is “How do you plan with agile?”. This book is a collection of our workshops that will help you create agile Release Plans that are aligned with your company strategy.

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Agile Testing

This book includes a collection of workshops to help teams grasp the principles of an agile testing mindset. It’s not just for testers. Involve the whole team!

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Mastering Backlogs

Scrum is great for getting teams to deliver good quality software regularly, but that doesn’t really help if you are building the wrong thing!

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I love the Coach’s Guide Series, it’s workshops are fantastic and they should be in every budding agile coach’s toolbox. They will not only help you understand agile principles better but you come will also come across as an awesome facilitator with in-depth understanding of your craft.

Austin Fagan

Agile Coach

I was asked to do a full day training session on scrum and found this guide super helpful. This was my first training session and without this guide it could have been an epic fail….but thankfully it wasn’t!! I received great feedback on the presentation material (the slides are exciting and colourful) and my colleagues enjoyed the interactive format. This guide provides an excellent foundation to spread the word of Scrum in a way that people can grasp it!

Nicola Thomas

Project Manager

Improve your productivity, help work to flow

With the word flow in the title I was afraid it could be written in that super boring geek language. It turned out not to be true at all! I thought I knew it all and couldn’t possibly find anything in the book to add to my productivity regime. How wrong I was.

Sandy Mamoli

Agile Coach

Free Books

Collaboration Games

Also available in Spanish and Russian.

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Even as an experienced SM, it’s great to revisit these principles. I loved the use of “impediment words” and practical ways to investigate and solve impediments. Well done, Growing Agile – I didn’t expect anything less!

Erick Underhill

Scrum Master