Agile Insights

About The Workshop

Each agile team has their own challenges and context. This is part of what makes agile so challenging. Often a technique that sounds great on paper and works well for another team, doesn’t work in your environment. This is why we developed the Agile Insights workshop. Instead of us teaching you what agile and Scrum are, you set the agenda based on areas specific to your environment and team.

We will facilitate a conversation with your team to understand your challenges. We’ll then share multiple ideas of how we’ve seen other teams tackle this, and help your team decide what they think will work best for them, and how they will get started.

How does it work

We can do this as a half day or full day session. It works best if your whole team is available, since we will be making agreements on how the team will be working going forward. There is no need to prepare a list of topics or agenda in advance, we will shape the agenda with everyone at the start of the session.

Who is it for?

Our Agile Insights workshop is ideal for teams who are already using techniques from agile, and are looking to improve their process. It’s particularly helpful for a team who finds agile is not delivering the results they expect.

Here are some of the ways we’ve helped other teams have agile insights:

  • Showing them how to split their user stories into smaller stories that can be delivered in a few days.
  • Helping them craft a definition of done to ensure quality delivery.
  • Creating a user story map to help them manage scope for a fixed release date.
  • Improving their Daily Scrum meetings, and team ownership and accountability.
  • Helping them understand estimation and velocity and start delivering predictably.

The session also works well for teams just starting their agile journey, who need some guidance on how it applies to their team. We can help you answer questions like:

  • How do we decide who is on which team?
  • Do we really need Scrum Masters and Product Owners?
  • How do we deal with interruptions, bugs and support if our sprints are fixed?
  • Is Scrum or Kanban a better fit for our team?
  • What will happen to our project managers and business analysts?
  • Which project should be used for our agile pilot?

Duration: 1/2 or 1 day

Max attendees: 15 people

Venue: Onsite at your office or training facility


Our team were having serious problems and not delivering a single sprint on target.  We have received internal training and read all the literature we could find, but could not figure out what we were doing wrong. We thought we were following scrum to the letter and were obviously misinterpreting something.

In a single full day session Growing Agile helped us sort out all our issues. We hit the next 5 sprint’s targets in a row. I highly recommend Growing Agile.

Dirk Le Roux

Software Development Manager, Amazon AWS


If this sounds like something that could help your team, get in touch to find out more.